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Founded in the 2016, Peer Style is the embodiment of designer Blasian Womack’s interaction with society and reflections of self. He is dedicated to continuously developing unparalleled collections and creative projects that speak to the continuous evolution of the designer himself. Peer Style is not simply a reference to a brand but the heading to all variants of the interpersonal and intrapersonal experiences of Womack, with great influence from his environments. As a child of parents employed in the military, Womack developed his adaptation to varying people, settings, and sociocultural experiences. A significant aspect to his development, Womack ensures to convey gratitude for all those who have impacted him on his journey through the lifelong process of self realization. As Peer Style suggests, those around you are reflections of thyself; each person and the experience they brought with them are what has made Womack who he is as an interdisciplinary designer and as a young man with conviction to support his greater society. Motifs of his life and messages are prevalent throughout graphics, colors, typography, and delivery. The philosophy of Peer Style, founded by the insightfulness of an individual creator, is bigger than the designer himself. A legacy is to be established that will serve to act as a catalyst for the peers, like himself, to make pathways for themselves through dedication, consciousness, and creation. This is the blueprint for others to thrive off of. A blueprint is classic, essential, and stabs the test of time. With meritable materiality and concept development Peer Style is distinct in its content. Taking the necessary time to produce meaningful work at all times. This is just the beginning and we welcome you to embrace this journey yourself.

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